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Plaská 615/8

CZ Prague

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Looking for a tasty brunch in Prague? That is why TopBrunch exists, and today, our pick is the Café Lounge. Although this restaurant is not situated in the centre of Prague, it is a must-try! The interior is cute and cozy, the service is very friendly and the food is delicious! Refined but not too much, copious, tasty... Perfect for a good brunch, which you can have in the gorgeous patio.

Café Lounge offers several options, and you can "build" your own brunch.
A la carte: butter croissant with butter and two kinds of Linda’s homemade marmalades (2 pieces of pastry), eggs prepared as you wish, omelette with Prague ham, Gouda cheese, toast and small salad, pan fried eggs with Chorizo salami, grilled peppers, Feta cheese and basil pesto, boiled “Talián” sausage from Hudera butchery with mustard, horseradish and yeast bread...